Did you stop by our booth at the Hawai’i Holiday Craft and Gift Fair a few weeks ago? Did you fill out your name, e-mail address, and phone number to be entered into our drawing? If you did, check your e-mail! We’ve sent messages to all of the winners! And if by any chance your e-mail did come back to us, and you listed a phone number, we’ve given you a call.

But, if for some reason you didn’t get a call or an e-mail, you’ll want to check this page to see if you’ve won! If you have any questions, please give us a call!

-Embroidery Designs Mega Bundle-

Lorene Fujimoto

-Baby Lock Genuine Sewing Kit-

Laurie Ines, Florence Teruya, Eileen Osakoda, Doreen Seabury, Carla Simao

-Rose Gold Scissors Set-

Leatrice Sugawara, E. Elaine Pichau, Veronica Diniega, Bonita Kneller-Yee, Stacey Ryan

-Butterfly Embroidery Scissors-

Emily S. Quinata, Deanna Lee, Diane Oue, Janice Shintaku, Kawehi Gabriel

-Guitar Shaped Embroidery Scissors-

Shareen Aranaya, Cheri Tarutani, Juanita Iwamoto, Hiwa Gacuran-Viloria, June Murata

-Rose Gold Pin Pack-

Helen Wong, Rose Craven, Leticia Diniega, Jamie Chock, Melissa Tulua, Stacie Sasagawa, Betty Steljes, Doreen Sokolowski, Doreen Denis, Doris Maeda

-Stork Embroidery Scissors-

Barbara Alama, Liz Chow, Holly Leong, Joan Apana, Suzette Kahana, Kyla Soares, Debbie Achong, Michelle Kamai, Michelle Alvaro, Susie Sakima

-Rose Gold Folding Scissors-

Erika Lee, Joyce Tuia, Sandra Yap, Cathy Tamura, Stephanie Niino, Barbara Matsumoto, Sharon Takahama, Margaret Mauangan, Kenwyn Castellano, Shirley Yamada