You heard it here first!


It’s almost fall! And with the changing of the season comes an entirely new wardrobe. But we know that the best clothes are those made right at home, with lots of love put into the - just like a good batch of brownies!

Ready to inject your fall wardrobe with a lot of style and a healthy dose of love? Read on for sewing tips from the experts!

1.) Whatever you do, DON’T watch the needle!

I know, I know, it’s so tempting! But watching the needle can be a massive distraction when you’re attempting to sew in a straight line. So, to help make sure your stitching doesn’t come out looking like a drunk trying to walk a tightrope, watch the marks that are on your throat plate guide!

2.) Keep your presser foot UP when threading with your sewing machine.

When your presser foot is down, you’re creating tension in the machine, which makes it a million times harder to thread. This seems like it should be simple, but so often we forget and naturally press our foot down! Make an effort to keep it up or off the presser to have an easier time threading.

3.) The thread goes forward - never, EVER pull it backwards!

It’s tempting to want to de-thread your machine in whatever way seems the easiest at the moment. Backwards forwards, up, down, sideways (okay, maybe not those last three). But when pulling thread backwards out of your machine, you’ll cause lint to rub off and get absolutely everywhere, creating buildup.

Ready to take your learning even further? You’re in luck, because our Fall class calendar is now available! From beginner to expert level, there are classes for every sewer in the world!

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